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Packaging high resolution image intensifier

High resolution image intensifier, which belongs to the field of X-ray diagnosis technology, produces a surface layer of the same material on the surface of the conversion screen, photoelectric cathode is manufactured on it after polishing treatment, light metal coating is made on the surface of the focusing electrode and anode towards the substrate, and chromium dioxide coating is made on the inner wall of the ceramic tube shell.
image intensifier can improve the conversion coefficient, contrast and resolution, and has the advantages of simple structure, easy production, low cost and high yield, which improves the comprehensive performance index of high resolution image intensifier.
High resolution image intensifier
Its high resolution image intensifier plays an extremely important role, so packaging is also extremely important. The high resolution image intensifier is usually packed in cartons or wooden cases.The equipment is properly clamped in the case.Suitable for long distance transport. Marks and marks (moisture-proof, shock-proof, upward, etc.) should be printed or posted in a prominent place in the packing box, and are not easy to fade and fall off. Should be stored in the relative humidity no more than 80%, non – corrosive gas, well-ventilated indoor.
Newheek high resolution image intensifier features that could replace Toshiba and thales.
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