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Characteristics of the fluoroscopy image intensifier TV system

Image intensifier TV system performance features

In application, the emergence of X-ray TV has liberated radiologists from darkroom. Doctors used to have to wear red glasses and undergo dark adaptation for about five minutes before they could observe the images on the screen in a completely dark room. When X-ray TV is used, doctors can perform various examinations and diagnoses in brighter rooms. Moreover, the image is clear and the contrast is good, which is helpful to discover the lesions, and improves the work efficiency and diagnostic rate.

In the aspect of protection, the fluoroscopy dose is obviously reduced due to the application of the enhancement system, which improves the brightness. Under the same brightness, the original 2-5mA, TV perspective can be reduced to 0.1-1mA, which greatly reduces the X-ray radiation. It not only reduces the damage to staff and patients, guarantees their physical and mental health, but also greatly reduces the burden of X-ray tubes and prolongs the life of the machine.

Formally, the grating of TV is round, which is a major feature of X-ray TV which is different from broadcasting TV and other industrial TV.

It can be equipped with multi-channel monitors, cinematographs, video recorders, video copiers and other materials for teaching and photography.

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