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Used on the c arm intensifier

The C-arm X-ray machine is composed of X-ray combined spherical tube, image intensifier, image intensifier TV system,  C-arm, controller, movable frame, movable car, etc.

C-arm intensifier, as its name implies, is an image intensifier used on C-arm.

C-arm is mainly used in orthopaedics, pain, oncology, gynecology, general surgery and urology surgery. Image intensifier can improve the brightness of the image, which is convenient for doctors to operate according to the patient’s condition.

Image intensifier for Fluoroscopy

The C-arm has the functions of X-ray fluoroscopy, photography, image storage and video recording, which brings great convenience to the operation with internal fixation as the main method. Due to proper use and management, it has never polluted patients’operations, nor directly damaged medical staff and facilities.


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