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Classification of image intensifier

Image intensifier is an important part of X-ray machine. Mainly used in perspective. An image intensifier is a device that increases a low-light level image to a level that can be seen by humans or detected by a camera. The image intensifier consists of a vacuum tube with multiple conversion and multiplication screens.
Incident photons will strike the photosensitive photocathode screen. Photons are absorbed in the photocathode and cause electrons to be emitted into a vacuum.
These electrons are accelerated by an electric field to increase their energy and focus them on the multichannel plate.
Classification of image intensifier
Image intensifier are used in X-ray imaging systems to allow low-intensity x-rays to be converted into convenient, bright visible light output.
The Newheek image intensifier is divided into several types and sizes, mainly 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. Its features and features can replace Toshiba, thales, philips and other brands.
It is mainly composed of image multiplier tube, tube container, special high-voltage power supply built into tube container and low-voltage power supply which drives high-voltage power supply. It can be equipped with c-arm X-ray machine, gastrointestinal machine and other equipment.
The Newheek image intensifier can meet your different purchasing needs.


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