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Common Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting Methods of X-ray Image Intensifier

The common no image of the image intensifier should first check whether the high-voltage circuit is faulty, and measure the output voltage of the high-voltage circuit with a multimeter. If the high pressure is normal, check whether the intensifier tube is damaged. If the image focus is not good, first adjust the focus potentiometer to observe whether the image can be well focused; if it cannot focus well, it can be judged that the voltage of each electrode is wrong, and the focusing circuit and the voltage value of each electrode should be checked; if the voltage value of each electrode is normal, the fault still exists, explain The reinforcement tube needs to be replaced. There are speckles in the image, and there are impurities on the input or output screen of the intensifier tube, indicating that the quality of the intensifier tube is defective, or the intensifier tube is aging. Most of the customers are some medical equipment companies, and they want to ask the hospital if they can repair their image intensifiers.
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