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Common problems and solutions of image intensifier liner

Many friends do not know what the fault of the Image intensifieris, so today Xiaobian to explain to you, image intensifier liner common problems and solutions

Image intensifier
Liner leakage:
Performance phenomenon: the main form of image blur, high voltage terminal voltage drop.
First: if it is a slight leakage, the output screen can be resealed, can be solved.
Second: if the leakage is more serious, it is the liner discharge, can only replace the liner or purchase new products.
Poor liner vacuum:
Performance phenomenon: the main performance of the vacuum of the liner is that the enhancer is in the state of power but without adding rays, the output screen of the enhancer will appear half crescent light, the greater the light area of the half crescent, the more serious the state of the vacuum of the liner.
First: If the vacuum is not very serious, you can carry out aging test for a period of time (long-term power supply for the enhancer 1-3 days) to observe whether there is still this phenomenon.
Second: if the vacuum phenomenon is more serious, can only replace the liner or purchase new products.
The inner electrode of the enhancer falls off:
Manifestation: When the bed is lying up, the image on the monitor shows that there are flowing objects flowing from the edge part or from the middle to the edge. Finally, the screen turns white, resulting in the inability to see the image. (This often happens when the G3 of a Thales pipe falls off.)
Solution: Unable to repair, can only replace the liner or purchase new products.
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