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Common dimensions of image intensifier

The conventional sizes of image intensifiers are mainly 4 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches, 13 inches and 16 inches. Including:

4-inch is mainly produced by Hamamatsu, Japan, and is mainly used for industrial detection of X-ray drill target, PCB circuit board, etc.

6 inches: It is common for industry and medical use, and medical use is mainly for lithotripter, for example, small C: for bowel and gallbladder firmness. Industry is usually used for battery testing, etc.

7-inch: mainly used on Philip small C-arm BV25

9-inch: medical equipment such as gastrointestinal machine, small C-arm, C-arm (for orthopedic examination) and stereoscopic fluoroscopy machine. Industrial applications mainly detect tyres and wheel hubs.

12 inches: medical equipment such as gastrointestinal machine, medium C, large C (for cardiovascular examination)

13 inches: similar to 12 inches

16 inch: few on the market at present, mainly made in the United States.

The common image intensifier models of Huading Electronics mainly include the following three types:

NK-15XZ: 6 inches, of which 15 represents the diameter of the input screen is 15CM, that is, 6 inches.

NK-23XZ: 9 inches, of which 23 represents the input screen diameter of 23CM, that is, 9 inches. Among them, three visual fields can be converted, namely, between 9 inches, 6 inches and 4.5 inches.

NK-33XZ: 12 inches, of which 33 represents the diameter of the input screen is 33CM, that is, 12 inches.

The diameter of the end exit screen is divided into 20mm and 25mm.

The image intensifier produced by Huading Electronics is mainly used to replace Toshiba, Thales and OEC. The appearance is slightly different from the original brand, and the installation method is the same, mainly the side installation fixing method. It can replace Shanghai Thales 23XZ4ST image intensifier, France Thales TH9428, TH9438 image intensifier, OEC image intensifier, Toshiba E5804, E5764, E5830 and other image intensifiers. If you have any need, welcome to call. Tel: 17616362242                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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