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Components of an image intensifier

An image intensifier is a medical device used to enhance and improve the visibility of the internal structures of the human body, especially in X-ray imaging and radionuclide imaging. Image intensifiers usually consist of the following components:
Input Screen: The input screen is a transparent scintillation screen that receives radiation from X-rays or radionuclides and converts it into light signals.
Optical system: The optical system is composed of a lens and a condenser, and is used to focus and magnify the optical signal converted through the input screen to a range suitable for observation.
Picture screen: A picture screen is a screen made of a bismuth-added photosensitive material capable of emitting a light signal when irradiated with radiation or nuclide radiation. The picture screen converts the light signal into a photoelectric signal.
Photomultiplier tube: A photomultiplier tube is a device used to amplify a photoelectric signal. It converts light signals into electronic signals by using the photoelectric effect, and then amplifies the electronic signals through a series of electron multiplication processes.
Output screen: The output screen is a screen used to display the electronic signal amplified by the photomultiplier tube. It converts electrical signals into visible images that doctors and technicians can observe and analyze.
The above are the basic components of an image intensifier. The coordinated work of these components makes the details of the internal structure clearer, thereby improving the accuracy and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.  Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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