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A small clinic in India is very satisfied with our image intensifier

A small clinic in India left a message on our foreign website asking for a replacement image intensifier. It is understood that the customer wants to use it on a C-arm X-ray machine. Our image intensifiers have 20mm and 25mm output screens. We asked which one we wanted, and they replied that we wanted 20mm. We said that we can provide the best quotation, and then sent the picture of the image intensifier to the customer and introduced the information. The other side expressed their satisfaction. At present, domestic image intensifier manufacturers are no longer in production, and all production has been discontinued, but our company is a manufacturer with a small amount of inventory. The image intensifier mainly uses the photoelectric effect. X-rays are projected to the input screen of the image intensifier, converted into visible light, and then photoelectric layer. The photoelectric effect produces light, and the photoelectrons are refracted and focused through the electric field interface inside the inner tank, and are accelerated and projected to the output end by a high-voltage power supply to form an electronic image.
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