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Components of an image intensifier

The components of a medical image intensifier include:
1. Photoelectric intensifier: The photoelectric intensifier is usually the core component of a medical image intensifier, which converts a low-energy light signal into a strong electron flow, and generates a high-brightness image through electronic enhancement. A photoelectric booster is usually composed of a photocathode, an electron multiplier, a fluorescent screen, and a photosensitive device.
2. Image receiver: The image receiver is an important part of the image intensifier, which converts it into a visible image by receiving the signal output by the photoelectric intensifier. Image receivers usually use fluorescent screens, digital image sensors or optoelectronic devices.
3. Control system: The device usually has a control system to control the working mode and parameter setting of the intensifier. Control systems can include adjusting brightness, contrast, focus, and magnification, among others.
4. Image processor: Medical image intensifiers are often equipped with an image processor for filtering, enhancing and analyzing the collected images. Image processors can use digital signal processing techniques to provide sharper and more detailed images.
5. Display: The display is used to display its processed image. Displays usually use high-resolution and high-contrast liquid crystal displays or high-frequency scintillation tubes.
6. Auxiliary equipment: Image intensifiers may also be equipped with some auxiliary equipment, such as image storage devices, printers, and image transmission systems, for image recording, analysis, and transmission. These devices can be selected according to specific needs.
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