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The difference between image intensifier and flat panel detector

Image intensifiers and flat panel detectors are both devices used in medical imaging, but they work differently and are designed differently. An image intensifier is a device that converts low-energy light into high-energy light. In medical imaging, it is primarily used in radiographic techniques such as X-rays and CT scans. When X-ray passes through human tissue, it will scatter and absorb in different degrees with the tissue, thus producing low-intensity images. An image intensifier can convert these low-intensity images into high-intensity images, allowing doctors to more clearly identify tissues and organs. A flat panel detector is a digital imaging device commonly used in X-ray imaging techniques and medical CT scans. Flat panel detectors use multiple image sensors, such as silicon detectors, to capture images of X-rays passing through human tissue. When X-rays pass through the human body, it interacts with sensors on the detector to varying degrees, resulting in digital signals. These digital signals are converted into visualized 2D or 3D images for medical diagnosis. Therefore, image intensifiers and flat panel detectors are quite different in working principles and imaging techniques, but they are both used in medical imaging and can provide valuable diagnostic information.
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