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Composition of image intensifier

According to the type of input light, image intensifiers can be divided into X-ray image intensifiers, infrared image intensifiers and visible image intensifiers.The image intensifier is composed of the intensifier tube, tube container, power supply, optical system and bracket (support) part.The main part of it is the image intensifiers tube, which has an input screen (which receives X-ray radiation to create a stream of electrons) and an output screen (which receives electron bombardment to emit light), enabling the former to enhance images thousands of times brighter on the output screen.Reinforcement tubes are vacuum tubes made of glass. For the purpose of protection, a tube container is needed. This tube container also ACTS as a shield against X-rays and external electromagnetic fields, as well as protecting the human body from high pressure damage.In addition, the enhancer also has a set of power supply, including the high voltage power supply of the intensifier tube, the focusing power supply and the power supply to drive the degasser ion pump in the intensifier tube.Image intensifier tube is the heart part of image intensifier.

The input screen diameter of the image intensifier ranges from 4 inches to 16 inches.Amplifiers with smaller input screens are more flexible and cheaper to operate.A small image intensifier improves resolution slightly because the electrons from the photocathode hit the output screen with greater accuracy.However, the range of the patient’s body that the input screen can encompass is limited.Larger intensifiers cost more and are less flexible to operate, but they provide greater field of view and magnification opportunities.The diameter of the image intensifier input screen should be larger than the area of the patient’s body to be studied.

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