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Development history and structure of X-ray image intensifier

The X-ray image intensifiers currently used in most hospitals are the first generation of image conversion equipment for bright room fluoroscopy, X-ray dose reduction and compartment operation. X-ray image intensifier structure sectional view. From the appearance, the X-ray image intensifier is a large glass tube, coated with a black dressing on the surface as a light sealing layer, and the tube maintains a high vacuum.
The front end of the tube has an input screen with a large area, and a layer of phosphor is coated on the input screen. The thicker the phosphor layer, the stronger the brightness, but this will reduce the resolution due to light scattering and reflection ; the thinner the phosphor layer, the higher the resolution, but the brightness will be reduced. In order to solve this contradiction, in recent years, the new X-ray image intensifier has adopted a cesium iodide phosphor input screen with a relatively high atomic number. Compared with the early zinc cadmium sulfide phosphors, cesium iodide phosphors have the advantages of high X-ray absorption rate, high fluorescence efficiency, high image resolution and good matching with the photocathode spectrum. Like ordinary see-through fluorescent screens, the screen absorbs X-ray photons with image information and produces a visible fluorescent image.
Close to the input screen is the photocathode (there is a thin transparent layer between them); antimony-cesium type photocathode, when the photons of the fluorescent image of the input screen are irradiated to the photocathode surface, the other side emits photoelectrons to form Electronic image, complete the optical-electrical conversion process. Today’s sharing comes here first. In addition, our company specializes in the production of image intensifier TV systems. The products include X-ray image intensifiers, CCD cameras, image processors, monitors, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East. Praise, in addition, our company specializes in producing all kinds of vertical and mobile chest frames, various types of x-ray machine parts, please request what you need Send product information to

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