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According to the Jilin Provincial Health Commission, from 0 to 24 May, the province added 6 newly diagnosed cases (Jilin City) and 1 new suspected case (Jilin City). According to the details of the notification, these 6 cases are all epidemiologically related to the previously confirmed cases of Shulan.

As of 24:00 on May 12th, 22 epidemic outbreaks in Shulin, Jilin Province had been diagnosed. Among them, 14 were in Shulan City, 7 were in Fengman District, Jilin City, and 1 was in Shenyang, Liaoning.

According to the details of the report, today’s newly added case 1 is a cleaning staff, who has performed cleaning work in a hotel for four consecutive days; case 2 has accompanied his wife to the maternity hospital for examination. This all increases the risk of infection.

This morning, Jilin City issued the “Announcement on Further Strengthening the Control Measures of Epidemic Situation in Jilin City”, which strictly controls and controls the high-risk areas.

Community villages are required to be closed and managed to prevent personnel from entering and leaving at will. Strengthen traffic control measures. All passenger lines and chartered tours will be suspended, and freight vehicles will pass normally. Persons traveling to other places must hold a negative report of nucleic acid test at their own expense within 48 hours and strictly isolate themselves before they can register out of the city.

Strengthen the control measures of pharmacy clinics, and all entertainment venues will be closed.

In addition to the areas mentioned above, Jiaohe City, Jilin is also in danger. Jiaohe City issued an emergency notice last night, asking Jiaohe to attend a wedding and all the people were isolated.

The manager H of Guangdong No.12 Die Casting Co., Ltd. on 12.14 consulted the industrial X ray image intensifier TH59438, and their company mainly used aluminum to detect aluminum alloy products. Customers claim that there are several sets of X-ray equipment on site, and Ying Zeng is the oldest equipment. Under normal circumstances, they are running 24 hours a day, and they must prepare several sets of X-ray machines for backup, otherwise they will be afraid to delay normal production. Because of the unpleasantness with the previous supplier, I plan to change the manufacturer again. Our company’s quotation is *, but the payment method proposed by the customer is *. In the end, I gave *. The customer claims to think about it again, and this payment requires special application. If you can sign a contract, you need to come to our company for installation. It is because the installation situation on the industrial site is more complicated, and different users will have different equipment debugging, so the cost of on-site installation is charged extra, and the customer claims that there is no problem. As long as the equipment runs smoothly after installation, these are not problems. What customers value is the quality of the product, because our company is a domestic manufacturer that specializes in increasing production. You can be completely assured of the high quality. If you are interested, please call us.



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