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Effect of industrial test X ray image intensifier

No. 9.28 ** Seiko’s Li Gong called and said that your company’s X-ray fluoroscopy machine had a fault phenomenon: a white aperture appeared in the middle, and the image became dark after a period of operation. The specific fault phenomenon and the whole equipment are shown below:

The customer said that the camera is not a problem, it is estimated to be a problem with the image intensifier. It is difficult to tell which part of the problem has occurred after the client has not been tested by a professional. It is recommended that customers mail the X ray image intensifier and camera together, our company will do a free test, and judge the cause of the fault according to the test result. After negotiation, the customer agreed to mail the test.

After testing, our engineers came to the following conclusions: 1. The shadow has been repaired, the original power supply was replaced with a special power supply for E5804 2. The power-on detection output screen flickered, which was due to a bad vacuum in the liner 3. The camera was 90s products, with central control box function. The final advice to the customer: replace the new liner. Customers said that their entire set of equipment often fails to repair, and it feels cheated to buy this set of equipment … so they decided to report the purchase plan of the whole machine. Tell the customer that our three-dimensional perspective machine is divided into two systems: an analog system and a digital system. We will send the two solutions to the customer later, and the customer is more inclined to the digital system … In order to let the customer trust our strength, we recognize For the quality of our products, it is recommended that customers mail some samples. Our company gives free test plans, and then sends the test results to the customers.

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