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Digital medical imaging systems

Digital medical imaging is the main imaging device;The CCD TV camera system produced by our company is suitable for supporting medical X-ray machine, analog positioning machine and c-arm X-ray machine, and can also be used as supporting products for upgrading gastrointestinal bed of ordinary X-ray machine to realize the open-room inspection and operation of perspective function.
Digital medical imaging systems
The image intensifier TV system has high resolution, with the minimum of 14LP/CM and the maximum of 18LP/ CM., the image layers are rich, with high brightness and high reliability.
It has image storage, image noise reduction, image reversal, negative image display, last frame freezing, IBS output and other functions. Compared with similar products, the CCD camera interface in this product has the characteristics of front and rear object distance adjustment.
Therefore, it can be connected with various digital medical imaging (other brands) with strong compatibility. CCD TV camera system can also be used as an alternative to imported maintenance accessories.


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