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Do x-ray image intensifiers need a fluorescent screen?

Many customers ask do X-ray image intensifiers need a fluorescent screen? In fact, there is no need for an additional screen. Because there is a layer of fluorescent layer inside the X-ray image intensifier, when the X-ray passes through the human body, X-rays of different intensities are projected on the input screen according to the different densities of the human tissue, and the photocathode on the inner side of the fluorescent screen presses the fluorescent light. The intensity of photoelectrons generates different numbers of photoelectrons. The photoelectrons of the photocathode are attracted by the positive potential of the anode and fly to the positive at high speed. The photoelectrons pass through the small holes of the anode and are projected on the output screen, resulting in a visible image, which is brighter than the previous fluoroscopic image. , the size is reduced. This is how image intensifiers work. Therefore, the image intensifier has its own fluorescent screen.
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