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Do you need the X-ray Image Intensifier?

Image intensifier is a kind of X-ray fluoroscopy equipment, such as medical diagnosis, industrial flaw detection and safety inspection, which can transform X-ray fluoroscopy image into visible light image with sufficient brightness.
The image intensifier is simple in structure, reasonable in design and convenient in installation. By encapsulating the intensifier module and CCD module in a shell, the sealing is good, the signal attenuation is avoided and the working performance is more stable and reliable, thus ensuring the accurate and effective detection results.
The image intensifier in the X-ray detection system is an indispensable component. After the X-ray passes through the PCB board, the image intensifier is used to receive and enhance the image.
Finally, the image information on the image intensifier is extracted and processed by the CCD camera.
The most common types of image intensifiers are 9-inch and 12-inch X-ray intensifiers made by companies such as Toshiba of Japan and Thomson of France.
The functions and features of the Newheek image intensifier can replace those of Toshiba, Thomson and other brands.
The Newheek image intensifier is 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches.Our image intensifier can meet your different purchasing needs.If you need such an image enhancer, please contact us.

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