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Does an X-ray image intensifier require X ray night vision?

Early use of this fluorescence technique allows radiologists to observe a dim image with low detail visibility. In order to view such images, they had to prolong their time in the dark to make their eyes “dark adaptation”. In the 1940s, radiologists realized that the low detail visibility of images in fluoroscopy was related to the dim images in early fluoroscopy. They stressed the need for brighter fluorescent images and encouraged the development of image intensifiers.

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X-ray image enhancement can “enhance” or increase the brightness of the image through two processes: (1) shrinking, emitting a given number of visible photons from a smaller area; (2) flux gain, which produces more visible photons when electrons accelerated by high pressure impact the screen. X ray night vision devices used in the army also use this principle to observe targets in low light conditions.

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