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Eliminate the discharge phenomenon of HV power supply

HV power supply is an important part of image intensifier. The installation of HV power supply needs to be handled with caution.
1. Use alcohol to clean and dry the high-voltage wires connected with the HV power supply on the image intensifier before installation, which can prevent the high-voltage wires from being unclean and cause the discharge of the high-voltage wires after installation.
2. When installing, the clean high-voltage wire should be connected to the corresponding high-voltage output port of the HV power supply according to the line number. Remember to connect the high voltage line to the end, so as to prevent the high voltage line from loosening and cause the occurrence of the fire.
3. When the high voltage wire is cleaned and tightened, there is still a slight discharge at the high voltage end. At this time, the high voltage line can be pulled off when power is cut off, and high voltage silicone grease is reconnected on the line.
4. In the process of adjusting the image, according to the instructions.
5. The use of HV power supply environment should be strictly required to prevent the occurrence of discharge and burning equipment caused by humid air.

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