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Function of image acquisition and processing software

Digital X-ray photography system is composed of two parts: software system for image acquisition and processing and computer hardware. It is suitable for matching with X-ray imaging equipment.It is divided into medical software, animal software and industrial software.The main functions are:
Case management
1) Case management functions: including the management of patient information, examination information and images;
2) DICOM3.0 standard Worklist query service can be used to query and obtain case data from RIS/PACS.
Image acquisition
1) The reference exposure parameters taken in each body position can be directly called out from the software for doctors to adjust the exposure parameters of the high-pressure generator panel with reference;
2) Digital photography function, which can be configured for positive and negative image acquisition;
4) Real-time automatic window width and window level adjustment
5) Real-time edge enhancement;
6) Choose to flip and rotate according to different positions;
7) Patient information/examination information/device information/image information can be displayed.
8) Real-time prompt system can store the number of images.
The image processing
1) Adjust window width and window level;
2) Positive and negative conversion, image zooming, translation, inversion, rotation and magnifying glass display;
3) Original display, full screen display, histogram display, window width and window level adjustment of the area of interest can be selected;
4) Image annotation function, including orientation and text;
5) Real-time automatic ROI tailoring.
Image output
1) DICOM3.0 standard laser camera output, easy to choose the configured scheme (film size, typesetting)
2) DICOM3.0 standard archive service, which can archive images to the server and support automatic sending in the background;
3) Image backup function, backup images to CD/DVD, backup CD comes with a browser to automatically play images.
4) Image export, which can export the patient examination to the specified location.


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