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Guangdong personal repairer inquires about Newheek intensifier repair

Customer needs; Hangzhi Yingzeng maintenance
The company’s specific solution; the customer is a maintenance provider, and asked the customer for the label of the camera, which is the model of Toshiba. The problem is that the image intensifier is not clear. A picture with a small dose and a large dose was sent, and the effect was obviously blurred. The engineer tested it. , there may be a problem with the small high voltage, or the inner liner is broken, the suggestion is to send us for repair and inspection, the customer replied that he would ask the leader to apply for it, but there is no reply yet, and later the customer asked about the price of the small high voltage, and the price has been informed. Asked whether it is sure that the high-voltage power supply is broken, the customer said that he was not sure, and still suggested that the customer send it over for repair, but the customer did not reply.
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