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Harbin customer inquiry image intensifier

Harbin customers need Toshiba or Thales image intensifiers, and their industrial X-ray machines have problems affecting the image intensifier liner and need to be replaced.
Ask the customer which output field of view, 20/25mm? What is the model of the original image intensifier?
And it is recommended that customers purchase the entire image enhancement product, the quality is guaranteed. Can give him a preferential price.
At present, only our company and Toshiba make image intensifiers internationally, and the quality and after-sales are guaranteed.
The benefits of using an intensifier TV system for medical X-ray machines are obvious. First of all, an X-ray machine equipped with this system can easily realize compartment operation, protect the operator from X-ray radiation damage and reduce inspections. Secondly, it can realize the operation in the dark room, get rid of the original darkroom environment, improve the fear of patients and reduce the misdiagnosis rate; Moreover, due to the inherent characteristics of the TV signal, it can be conveniently recorded and saved, which is convenient for expert consultation And teaching reference.
Now there is a digital camera system, which can be directly connected to a computer, which is more convenient for image processing and storage.
Image intensifier systems are widely used in C-arms, medical vertical fluoroscopy machines, industrial fluoroscopy machines and other equipment.
The customer is very satisfied and will communicate with the hospital as soon as possible.

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