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High voltage power supply is in the image intensifier inside of it?

Where is the high-voltage power supply of the X-ray machine? It’s inside the image intensifier. Briefly introduce the image intensifier of Huarui Video.
The image intensifier is composed of an intensifier tube, a tube container, a high-voltage power supply, an optical system, and a support (support) part. The main part of the image intensifier is the image intensifier tube, which has an input screen (receiving X-ray radiation to generate electron flow) and an output screen (receiving electron bombardment to emit light), which enables the former to enhance images with thousands of times the brightness of the image on the output screen. The reinforced tube is a vacuum tube made of glass. For the purpose of protection, a tube container is needed. This tube container also plays a role in shielding X-rays, shielding external electromagnetic fields, and protecting the human body from high pressure damage. In addition, the intensifier has a set of power supplies, including a high-voltage power supply for the booster tube, a focus power supply and a power source for driving the degassing ion pump in the booster tube. The image intensifier tube is the heart component of the image intensifier.

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