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High voltage power supply -NK5761HD/P4P7

The high-voltage power supply is used to provide elegance to the image intensifier. It generally refers to the power supply with output voltage above 5,000 volts. The output voltage of the high-voltage power supply can reach tens of thousands of volts, even up to hundreds of thousands of volts or higher.There are many USES of high voltage power supply, mainly including X-ray machine high voltage power supply, laser high voltage power supply, spectrum analysis high voltage power supply, nondestructive detection high voltage power supply and other aspects.
The NK5761HD/P4P7 high-voltage power supply manufactured by We Newheek can replace Toshiba VP-33457 with the same appearance and output function as the original factory.
Main technical parameters:
1. Output voltage (HV): 25±2kV
2. Output voltage (P1): 500~750V
3. Output voltage (P2): 50~200V
4. Output voltage (G2): 1.5~3.5kV
5. Output voltage (G1): 550~860V
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