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Application of x ray image intensifier

x ray image intensifier consist of the input surface, photocathode, cluster electrode, anode and output surface in a vacuum.

After the conversion of x-rays, photoelectrons are accelerated through high pressure, and the image is formed on the output surface through the electron lens cluster composed of the cluster electrode and anode.
Column crystals with fiber structure are formed on the input surface, which can suppress the light diffusion and improve the spatial frequency characteristics. The output surface can form fluorescent film directly. In addition, the anti-reflection layer can be used to obtain high-contrast images.
In applications, radiologists have been “liberated” from the dark room by the advent of image intensifiers.In the past, doctors had to wear red glasses for about five minutes of dark adaptation before they could observe the screen in total darkness.
The image is clear and the contrast is good, which is helpful to discover the pathological changes and improve the working efficiency and diagnosis rate.
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