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Image intensifier structure

The image intensifier converts the invisible X-ray image into visible light image and enhances the image brightness.

Image intensifier, including seal housing, sealed casing setting intensifier module, CCD module and power supply module, intensifier module there set input screen and output on the screen, seal housing runs with input screen corresponding to the input window, CCD module includes a CCD camera and set up in front of the CCD camera and used for filtering impurities light aperture, the CCD camera in the output screen location, power supply module including transformer, rectifier, ignition coil and voltage double component, enhancer and CCD module are connected to the power supply module.

The image intensifier is simple in structure, reasonable in design and convenient in installation. By encapsulating the intensifier module and CCD module in a shell, the signal attenuation is avoided and the working performance is more stable and reliable.

Newheek image intensifiers are available in 6-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch models, and can be used to meet the needs of different customers.

Our image intensifier can also replace Toshiba,Thales and other brands. If you need this device, please edit the purchase request and send to our email.

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