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How does X-ray image intensifier assist X-ray machine to work

Nowadays, more and more medical institutions like to add X-ray image intensifiers to X-ray machines. In order to facilitate doctors to have a clearer understanding of the specific symptoms of patients, it is necessary to have a clear picture of the film taken by the X-ray machine. The radiographic image intensifier has such a function, which can take the image more clearly, so how does it make the picture taken by the X-ray machine clear.
The X-ray image intensifier is the main component of the X-ray TV system. Its function is to convert the invisible X-ray image into a visible light image, and then increase the brightness of the image thousands of times, so that the camera can take pictures on the TV. In recent years, CCD cameras have been widely used to improve the dynamic range, spatial resolution and uniformity of images. The X-ray image intensifier is composed of a tube sleeve, a bare tube with a shielding sleeve, and a power supply. Bare tubes with shielding sleeves include: lead shielding sleeves, permalloy shielding sleeves and x-ray image intensifier tubes. The bare tube is a sealed vacuum device composed of four parts: an input screen, an electronic focusing system, an output screen and a tube shell. The working principle of the X-ray image intensifier is that the X-ray excites the cesium iodide coating to produce visible photons, excites the photocathode, produces photoelectrons, and finally focuses and accelerates through the electronic focusing system, bombards the output screen, and forms brightness enhancement and brightness reduction on it. Visible light image.
In order for medical equipment to cooperate with doctors to better reach the lesion, friends who need X-ray image intensifiers are welcome to consult.

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