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How to fix the failure of the output screen of the image intensifier

Most of the failures of the image intensifier output screen may be due to the poor vacuum of the inner tank. The main manifestations are: the poor vacuum of the inner tank is mainly manifested as: the image intensifier output when the image intensifier is powered on but without radiation The half-crescent light will appear on the screen. The larger the half-crescent light area, the more serious the vacuum of the inner tank. In this case, if it is within the warranty date, you can choose to find a merchant for repair or find a related professional and company for repair.
First of all, we can understand the general maintenance solution of the image intensifier.
First: If the vacuum failure is not very serious, you can carry out a period of aging test (provide power for the intensifier for a long time for 1-3 days) to observe whether this phenomenon still exists.
Second: If the vacuum phenomenon is more serious, you can only replace the inner tank or purchase new products.
If there is a serious failure and you need to purchase a new image intensifier, you need to pay attention to whether it matches the size and model of the original device. The more circulating ones on the market are the influence of brands such as Toshiba and Thales, provided by Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. A variety of replaceable image intensifiers, if you want to know more about it, you can go to the official website for consultation.


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