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How to repair the X-ray image intensifier that is on fire at the high voltage line

Manager W of **Medical Company in Fuyang City, Anhui Province consulted on high-voltage power supplies for Siemens image intensifiers, and added WeChat to ask customers to send me the pictures of the high-voltage power supplies to confirm whether they are in stock. The power supply sent by the customer is shown in the figure below, telling this kind of power supply is not easy to buy at present, the customer means that their X-ray image intensifier high-voltage line is ignited), asking our company if it can be repaired, and telling it that X-ray image If the booster is mailed, our company will do a test first and confirm whether it can be repaired according to the result. Customers have repeatedly considered saying that X-ray image intensifiers are very expensive after all. They are afraid of accidents and damages during transportation, so they decide to bring them home for inspection and repair. Two customers came to our company together. Our engineers did a test and found that there was a fire at the high-voltage line. They decided to remove and replace the entire high-voltage line to solve the problem from the root cause. The customer agreed to repair, and the discharge phenomenon was significantly reduced after the repackaging was completed, and told that it takes longer to solidify in colder weather, and the effect will be better. After 30 hours of solidification, the sparking phenomenon is basically gone. After the customer went back and installed it, the glue was solidified. After installation and debugging, the image is normal. Dear users, if you have a similar X-ray image intensifier on hand that needs repair, remember to contact us!

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