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How to replace the X-ray high-voltage power supply on the X-ray image intensifier

In today’s article, let’s take a look at what precautions should be paid when replacing the X-ray high-voltage power supply of the X-ray image intensifier.
First of all, the following precautions are mentioned: It must be a prerequisite to ensure that the liner of the X-ray image intensifier can be used normally Next, pay attention to cleaning. If the X-ray high-voltage line of the X-ray image intensifier high-voltage power supply is also cleaned; it is also fastened, but there is still a slight discharge at the high-voltage end. The high-voltage line can be pulled out when the power is off, and the discharge problem will be solved after applying some X-ray high-voltage silicone grease on the line and reconnecting it. In the process of adjusting the image, you can adjust according to the method mentioned in the manual. The use environment of the equipment must be strictly required. From the root cause, the phenomenon of discharge and burning of the equipment caused by abnormal working environment such as humid air is prevented.
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