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Industrial users repair X-ray image intensifiers without images

Today I received a call from an industrial customer. They use an X-ray image intensifier to detect the welding of the gold wire in the product. Currently, the customer is using the TH59464 X-ray image intensifier. The current fault phenomenon is that the X-ray image intensifier has no image. The customer tested that the high-voltage power supply on the X-ray image intensifier was faulty, but they would not replace it by themselves, because professional X-ray image intensifier repairs should be repaired by professionals who professionally produce X-ray image intensifiers. Customers If you plan to mail the X-ray image intensifier, our company can detect the cause of the X-ray image intensifier failure free of charge. If it is determined that the high-voltage power supply is broken, you can directly replace the high-voltage power supply and send the X-ray image intensifier back. The customer has sent it via SF Express. The high-voltage power supply price is *yuan. The round-trip mailing needs to be borne by the customer.
Our company received the X-ray image intensifier. After testing the X-ray image intensifier’s inner tank, the high-voltage power supply burned out. After we replaced it with a new high-voltage power supply, the image was displayed normally. The results of the test made by our company with the ground wire and the circuit board with 70KV-0.5MA, the customer is very satisfied with the image effect. Said that they generally use 100KV-15UA for testing on site. The final customer pays, and our company packs and ships it to the customer’s designated address.
Today’s sharing is here first. In addition, our company specializes in producing image intensifier TV systems. Products include image intensifiers, CCD cameras, image processors, and monitors. The products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East, and are well received by customers from all over the world. In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest film racks, and various types of X-ray machine parts. If necessary, please contact us.

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