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How X-ray image intensifiers work

An X-ray image intensifier is a device used to enhance X-ray images by amplifying and enhancing low-dose X-ray signals to improve image quality. It works as follows:
Low-dose amplification: First, the X-ray image intensifier utilizes the high chemical absorption properties of substances to amplify low-dose X-ray signals. It usually consists of several layers of materials with different atomic numbers and line contrast. When X-rays pass through these materials, relatively lower-energy soft X-rays are absorbed, while relatively higher-energy hard X-rays are amplified.
Release of photoelectrons: The amplified X-ray signal causes atoms in the material to release photoelectrons in the form of the photoelectric effect. These photoelectrons will be collected and amplified by the reciprocating electrodes.
Photoelectron amplification: There are a series of alternating electrodes and photoelectric surfaces inside the X-ray image intensifier. Photoelectrons are deflected and accelerated across these electrodes, where they are amplified and eventually reach the photosurface.
Optoelectronics-to-light conversion: Optoelectronic surfaces are made of alkali metal and metal oxide materials, which have photoemissive properties. When photoelectrons reach the photosurface, they emit photons.
Photon amplification: The released photons are amplified by the optical system to form a visible light image.
Visible light conversion: Visible light is converted into electronic signals by photoelectric surface conversion devices, such as photomultiplier tubes, charge-coupled devices (CCD) or CMOS sensors.
Image presentation: The electronic signal is electronically processed, amplified and digitized, and finally displayed as an image on a monitor.
In general, X-ray image intensifiers enhance image quality by amplifying and converting X-ray signals. It uses the principle of amplifying photoelectrons and photons to convert low-dose X-ray signals into visible light signals and present them in the form of images. This intensifier is widely used in fields such as medical imaging, security inspection and semiconductor industry. If you are interested in image intensifiers, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:
X-ray image intensifiers

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