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Image definition physics component

Image definition physics is a system consisting of X-ray image intensifier, optical system, camera signal processing system and image display device, which converts ray patterns into corresponding visible images.
A measure taken to obtain a constant monitor image brightness while irradiating different parts or thicknesses of the patient.
The output of the image intensifier TV system is used to control the X-ray generator, so that the X-ray imaging system can control the output screen brightness or monitor screen brightness change of the X-ray image intensifier when the X-ray imaging system irradiates different parts of the patient or different thickness.
Image definition physics component
The focal plane distance is the distance from the focus of the X-ray tube to the human plane of the X-ray image intensifier.
For image definition physics, the diameter of the field on the incident surface of the X-ray image intensifier that can be used to transmit X-ray images at the specified focal distance.
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