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Image enhanced TV system

The TV system equipped with image intensifier converts the invisible X-ray fluorescence image into the visible TV screen image to realize the medical diagnosis of TV equipment. The fluoroscopy equipment is suitable for medical X-ray machine, and can also be used as the upgrade of ordinary gastrointestinal bed to realize the function of fluoroscopy room examination and operation.
The working principle and advantages of image enhanced TV system are introduced. The development trend and application prospect of X-ray image enhanced TV system are summarized. Medical X-ray CCD image enhancement television system equipment, usually refers to the X-ray machine and image intensifier matching use of equipment, will not be visible X-ray perspective image into visible TV screen image and realize medical diagnosis. X-ray penetrates the human body and is regulated by the density of different parts of the human body, thus forming an invisible X-ray image on the input screen of the intensifier. This is the video enhanced TV system.
Weifang newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of replaceable image intensifiers. Its products can replace Toshiba, Thales, Siemens, Philips and other international brand equipment. In contrast, the price of our equipment is more easily favored by consumers. If you are interested in image enhancement TV system, please contact us!



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