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X-ray TV System

The X-ray TV system mainly includes image intensifier, CCD camera / digital camera, central control box, monitor, computer, etc.
The X-ray of the X-ray TV System penetrates through the human body, passes through different parts of the human body with different densities, and forms an invisible X-ray image on the input screen of the image intensifier.
The input screen of the image intensifier transforms the invisible X-ray image into an electronic image. The electron is accelerated and focused in the intensifier tube. After the photoelectric effect, the output screen emits light to form a visible image.
After the camera captures the light signal, it transforms the light signal into video signal and transmits it to the central control box. After the noise reduction processing of the central control box, the TV signal is formed and sent to the monitor to display a visible TV image. This is the X-ray TV System.
X-ray TV System has the following advantages,
1. Greatly reduce the radiation of patients
2. Extricate the diagnostician from the X-ray radiation field
3. Clear image and good level
4. Convenient for consultation and preservation
5. Image digitization
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