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Image intensifier: fault maintenance

Image intensifier is the main photoelectric conversion equipment in X-ray technology. Its function is to convert the incident X-ray mode into the corresponding visible optical image device, which is recorded by CCD or camera.
Once the failure of image intensifier occurs, it is not easy to determine and resolve. If it is the fault of the image intensifier itself, the manufacturer of the X-ray machine can not repair, often need to send the image intensifier back to the original image intensifier manufacturers to detect. Image intensifier is out of order.
In this regard, Newheek summarized the reasons for the failure of image intensifier.
Image intensifier fault maintenance
The fault of image intensifier can be generally divided into two categories: the first type is the fault of 24V power supply, which can be judged by measuring whether its output is normal with the multipurpose meter. If 24V has no voltage, the 24V power supply needs to be replaced.
Type 2 is the fault of the high-voltage power supply, which is also determined by measuring whether its output is normal. There are two common cases of this failure: no high-voltage output at the end. High pressure instability. Among them, the above two types of faults generally require replacement power supply.
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