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Advantages of image intensifier TV System

The image intensifier TV System, which is suitable for use with medical X-ray machines, analog positioning machines and c-arm X-ray machines, and can also be used as an auxiliary product for upgrading the gastrointestinal bed of common X-ray machines, so as to realize the inspection and operation of the bright room for fluoroscopy.
Because perspective in the darkroom is difficult, and because the brightness on the screen is so low, it is hoped that a device could increase the brightness and free doctors from “darkness”. Therefore, the structure of the image intensifier with practical value is proposed, and the TV can be combined on the image tube to form image intensifier TV System, To achieve visible light perspective.
Advantages of image intensifier TV System
The image intensifier TV System, It has high resolution, with a minimum of 14LP/CM and a maximum of 18LP/ CM., the image has a rich level, high brightness and high reliability.
And complete functions: : with image storage, image noise reduction, image flipping, negative image display, final frame freezing, IBS output and other functions.
Newheek image intensifier TV System, The CCD camera interface is characterized by object distance adjustment (different types of cameras can be configured), so it can be connected with various intensifiers with strong gameplay.
Our image intensifier TV System, Can also be used as a substitute for imported repair parts.
Newheek image intensifier TV System, Meet your different purchasing needs.


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