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Image intensifier input screen function

What is the function of the image intensifier input screen? In the previous article, we have generally introduced the inner bladder of the image intensifier, so which parts of the image intensifier are composed? How does each of these parts work? Let us take a look at it next.
The image intensifier is mainly composed of input screen, input scintillation crystal, photocathode, vacuum tube and focusing electrode, output scintillation crystal, and output screen.
Input screen: In order to ensure that the input screen has enough strength to make it a vacuum device, generally aluminum or titanium, which has a small attenuation effect and weak ray scattering ability, is made into a plate structure with a thickness of about 0.25mm-0.5mm.
Input scintillation crystal: Since the wavelength of X-rays is smaller than that of visible light, it cannot be directly imaged using CCD and other equipment. Therefore, the participation of scintillation crystals is needed to convert X-rays into visible light. In order to ensure that the paths through which the electrons pass remain equal and avoid image distortion, the input scintillation crystal is generally curved.

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