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Image intensifier appears crescent shape to repair

A customer asked how to repair the crescent shape of the image intensifier for Toshiba’s C-arm. Generally, the crescent shape of the image intensifier is caused by the poor vacuum of the image intensifier.
The main manifestation of the poor vacuum of the inner tank is: when the image intensifier is energized but without radiation, the output screen of the intensifier will appear bright light of the semi-crescent. The larger the bright area of the semi-crescent, the worse the vacuum of the inner tank. serious.
How to solve the crescent shape of the Toshiba C-arm image intensifier? If the vacuum defect is not very serious, you can carry out a period of aging test (provide power for the intensifier for a long time for 1-3 days) to observe whether this phenomenon still exists. If the vacuum phenomenon is serious, only the inner tank can be replaced.
Our company is a manufacturer of image intensifiers. It can diagnose, repair and replace various brands of image intensifiers. For example, the crescent-shaped failure of the image intensifier of Toshiba’s C-arm needs to be repaired. Customers can send the image intensifier to our company for free inspection.

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