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Image intensifier measurement

The image intensifier is composed of input screen, photocathode, cluster electrode, anode and output screen in vacuum. An X-ray beam is formed on the anode and converted into an X-ray beam through the photoelectric lens.
There are many sizes of image intensifiers. 6-inch,9-inch,12-inch image intensifier is a common size. If the input screen diameter of image intensifier is 33cm, that is, 12-inch image intensifier. The image intensifier measurement is based on the input screen size.
Our company Newheek is the only manufacturer of domestic image intensifier in our country. We produce newweek brand image intensifier with EMC certificate and RoHS certificate. Since 1999, Newheek, as an image intensifier manufacturer, has been providing customers with solutions that can replace different brands of products. We can replace the mainstream international brands.
Our company newheek produces and sells all kinds of X-ray machines and parts. The products are widely used in medical and health fields at home and abroad. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.


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