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Image intensifier output 25mm for gastrointestinal diagnostic machine

Image intensifier output 25mm is suitable for gastrointestinal machines. Digital gastrointestinal diagnostic X-ray machine is highly configured with digital image processing system and high-quality image intensifier medical diagnostic X-ray machine, which is a high-end digital gastrointestinal. With digital fluoroscopy and photography, it can be used for chest and abdomen fluoroscopy, digestive tract imaging, urogenital system imaging, biliary tract imaging and lower limb veins, etc. The head, chest, abdomen and limbs can be photographed. It can also be used for fracture rectification and foreign body removal under fluoroscopy.
Image intensifier output 25mm plus original imported megapixel camera ensures smooth and high resolution images and even small lesions. High frequency and high pressure generator and bulb ensure high quality X – ray output. Reconfigured flexible and convenient diagnostic bed, to the maximum extent convenient for the operation of doctors.
image intensifier output 25mm
Newheek image intensifier output 25mm divided into 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. Can replace Toshiba and thales etc.
Newheek can also provide services such as image intensifier output 25mm quality detection.


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