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Image intensifier structure performance

Image intensifier, it includes X-ray sensor screen and like enhancer, whose character is between the screen and X ray sensor as intensifier also has an optical lens, screen and X ray sensor as the intensifier input end face image conjugate position of the optical lens, like the intensifier can be used without micro but both level 1 image intensifier tubes cascade structure, to reduce cost, also can choose second generation image intensifier tubes with micro channel plate to reduce the volume.
Image intensifier structure performance
Working principle of the image intensifier is, when the X-ray source of x-rays through the object to be tested, the formation of X-ray image projected onto the X ray sensor screen, screen by X ray sensor transformed into visible light image, set in the sensor in the rear of the screen to the visible light image imaging optical lens as intensifier input end of the image intensifier enhancement, in the output plane can be visible light image with enough brightness.
The functions and features of Newheek image intensifier can replace and be compatible with Toshiba, thales, philips and other brand image intensifiers.
Newheek’s image intensifier is 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches.
Our image intensifier can meet your different purchase requirements.


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