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Image Intensifier tube overhaul

We often ask customers to send the damaged image intensifier tube to our company for maintenance. Many customers don’t understand why, let’s take a look now.
In general, the customers who consult are dealers or agents. Through their descriptions, they reach our sales staff, and the sales staff will relay them to the engineers. In this process, it is easy to alienate the initial problem, and everyone will join in. My own understanding can’t describe the real problem of shadow augmentation very well.
Image Intensifier tube detection requires professional equipment and technology. If the operation is not professional, it is easy to cause secondary damage to the equipment and even cause safety accidents.
Our Newheek engineers will directly inspect and give the most professional judgment. If subsequent maintenance is required, we will also provide the most suitable maintenance plan according to the specific model and parameters, avoiding the intermediate parameter collection link.
The inspection of image Intensifier Tube is free, and customers only need to pay the shipping cost, which is relatively low cost.
We at Newheek have produced image intensifier tubes for more than 20 years. We use our expertise to inspect, repair or replace new machines for you. You can trust your machine to us. After inspection, we will send you the results. You decide whether to repair or replace it. We are responsible for giving you the most satisfactory solution.


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