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Thales exits the image intensifier market

Many customers should find that it is difficult to buy Thales image intensifiers in China. In fact, not only Thales has stopped its image intensifier production line in Shanghai, but foreign customers also reported that Thales has withdrawn from the US image intensifier market.
The function of the image intensifier is simply to convert invisible light into visible light, which is convenient for the camera to shoot and image. It is mainly used in C-arms, fluoroscopy machines, etc. for lithotripsy diagnosis and treatment, tubal imaging, and industrial non-destructive testing. However, with the digitization of medical equipment, flat panel detectors gradually replace image intensifiers, and the market for image enhancement has shrunk sharply.
Many customers are more concerned about the question, after Thales withdraws from the shadow enhancement market, how should the existing Thales image intensifier fail to be repaired? Where should the equipment that needs an image intensifier go in the future?
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