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Image intensifier TV system features

The image intensifier TV system takes X-ray as the light source, and the camera takes the fluorescence image on the intensifier tube, which is different from other TV systems using visible light as the light source.
In application, radiologists were “liberated” from the dark room by the advent of the image intensifier TV system. Doctors used to have to wear red glasses for about five minutes to adjust to the dark screen in a completely dark room.
When using the X-ray image intensifier TV system, the doctor can perform various examination and diagnosis in the brighter room.Besides, the image is clear and the contrast is good, which is conducive to the discovery of lesions, improving work efficiency and diagnosis rate.
Image intensifier TV system features
Image intensifier TV system, so that image brightness greatly improved. The corresponding X-ray exposure was reduced. In order to obtain stable image brightness on the monitor in different thickness and density areas.
In terms of protection, due to the application of image intensifier TV system, the brightness was improved, so the fluoroscopy dose was significantly reduced.
Under the same brightness condition, the original 2-5ma, TV fluoroscopy can be reduced to 0.1-1ma, which greatly reduces the radiation of X-ray. It not only reduces the damage to the staff and patients, guarantees their physical and mental health, but also greatly reduces the burden of X-ray tube and extends the life of X-ray machine.
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