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Installation of X-ray image interenfie

The X-ray image intensifier in the X-ray intensifier is an essential component. Image intensifiers are 6, 9, and 12 inch devices that convert invisible images into visible images.
The image intensifier consists of X-ray image multiplier tube, tube vessel, special high voltage power supply built into tube vessel and low voltage power supply driving high voltage power supply.
Installation of X ray image interenfie
The surface of the input screen is slightly raised with a thin layer of cesium iodide, which increases the absorption of x-rays, converts invisible light into visible light, and generates photoelectric effect.Arriving at the output screen, information is transmitted as visible images from the output screen to the worker’s retina.
Newheek X-ray image intensifier has a simple structure, which is well designed, intensifier for installation, and good tightness for the overall structure.
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