Newheek specializes in producing X optical machine image intensifier, high voltage power supply,image intensifier TV system and so on.

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Intensification image application

Intensification image consists of a large cylindrical conical tube with internal structure where the incoming X-ray distribution is converted into a corresponding luminous image with unrestricted brightness. Image enhancement television systems achieve X – ray to – light amplification through several successive steps.
Image intensifier is a vacuum tube device used to increase the available light intensity in an optical system to allow use in low light or at night to facilitate visual imaging of low-light processes.
Intensification image application
Newheek intensification image maker, which intensifies intensification images for fluorescence fluoroscopy, angiography and DSA, as well as for the 3D reconstruction of X-ray images.CCD cameras can be integrated into a network environment.
Our intensification image is divided into an extensive intensification image of 6 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches.Used in medical, industrial X-ray and photography.Provides a variety of camera systems with features for a variety of USES.
Newheek intensification image can meet your requirements in terms of price and quality.


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