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Intensifiers examples how this works

Image intensifier TV system is a relatively perfect device for industrial technology in the medical field. Use intensifiers examples to convert invisible images into high-intensity visible images.
This is because the brightness of the image displayed on the fluorescence screen by X-ray fluoroscopy is very low. According to the research, the brightness on the fluoroscopy screen is only 1/10 of that under the full moon even under high fluoroscopy conditions.Must go through image enhancement equipment, will increase the brightness of fluorescent screen about 10000 times.It’s this intensifiers device that can be applied to this intensifiers intensifiers example by modifying the industrial TV to match various X-ray machines.
Intensifiers examples how this works
Secondly, the advent of X-ray television “liberated” the radiologist from the dark room.Doctors can perform a variety of tests and diagnoses in a brighter room.And the image is clear, the contrast is good, is advantageous to the discovery lesion, enhanced the work efficiency and the diagnosis rate.It also greatly reduces the amount of X-ray radiation, reduces the damage to the staff and patients, and also greatly reduces the burden of X-ray tube, prolong the life of the machine.
Newheek intensifiers examples can satisfy your intensifiers needs for different intensifiers.


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