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Introduction and analysis of high voltage terminal

high voltage terminal is an important part of X-ray TV system. The quality of image intensifier plays a decisive role in the performance of X-ray TV system. It is difficult to obtain high-quality clinical diagnostic images because of poor quality of high voltage terminal.
The high voltage terminal mainly consists of three parts: the enhancement tube, the shell and the power supply.
(1) The reinforcing tube is composed of input window, scintillator, photocathode, electrode, output fluorescent screen, output window and shell.
(2) photoelectrons excited by photocathodes are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields. In order to prevent interference and X-ray leakage caused by electromagnetic field, metal shell was used to shield and absorb X-ray. The shell material is generally made of aluminum or iron sheet, and the shell is added with lead layer and beryllium film alloy shielding layer. After forming the shielding layer of beryllium Mo alloy, annealed in hydrogen should be used to achieve good shielding effectiveness.
(3) the power supply of the high voltage terminal is the power supply for X-ray enhanced tube, often referred to as small high voltage.
high voltage terminal


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